The Frontline- Blogging the Postmodern South

The Frontline began as a blog about
Southern hip-hop. It grew out of a
magazine column into a blog and has
since grown and changed into something
far bigger than any one genre of music.
Enjoy my journey down a mental Highway
61 into landscapes of the blues, soul, jazz,
funk and yes- hip-hop as well. In short, a
journey through the post-modern South.
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What I always knew as the University City Loop has more recently come to be called the Delmar Loop, but despite its status as a St. Louis icon, it is actually in the suburb of University City. Anchored by an outstanding record store called Vintage Vinyl and an outstanding nightclub called Blueberry Hill, the Loop is a destination of shops and party-goers, marked by the occasional conga drummer, saxophonist or trumpeter. 

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