The Frontline- Blogging the Postmodern South

The Frontline began as a blog about
Southern hip-hop. It grew out of a
magazine column into a blog and has
since grown and changed into something
far bigger than any one genre of music.
Enjoy my journey down a mental Highway
61 into landscapes of the blues, soul, jazz,
funk and yes- hip-hop as well. In short, a
journey through the post-modern South.
Recent Tweets @jdoggtn

Sidney Kirk’s band at the #MemphisMusic&HeritageFestival #MMHF14 (at The Memphis Music and Heritage Festival)

Unfortunately, the rain is wreaking havoc with the #MemphisMusic&HeritageFestival (at Center for Southern Folklore)

Little Joe Ayers at the Blues Shack in Waterford, MS (at The Blues Shack)

The TBC Brass Band live at Groove City in the 7th Ward @tbcmusic @tbcbb @tbcbrassband123 @tbcdee27 (at Groove City Bar & Lounge)

Duwayne Burnside, Kenny Brown and Little Joe Ayers at the Blues Shack (at The Blues Shack)

Trying a new spot (at Wakin’ Bakin’)

TBC Brass Band at the Zulu Club @tbcmusic @tbcbb @tbcbrassband123 @tbcdee27 (at Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc.)

It’s about to go down @tbcmusic @tbcbb @tbcbrassband123 @tbcdee27 (at Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc.)

The All 4 One Brass Band in the Midsummer Mardi-Gras (at Maple Leaf Bar)

Midsummer Mardi Gras! (at Maple Leaf Bar)