The Frontline- Blogging the Postmodern South

The Frontline began as a blog about
Southern hip-hop. It grew out of a
magazine column into a blog and has
since grown and changed into something
far bigger than any one genre of music.
Enjoy my journey down a mental Highway
61 into landscapes of the blues, soul, jazz,
funk and yes- hip-hop as well. In short, a
journey through the post-modern South.
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Keynote speech with Ledisi at #grammyfuturenow @grammypro @StaxMuseum @StaxRecords

Discussing websites at #grammyfuturenow @grammypro (at Soulsville USA)

#RookieApp on the patio at @BarLouie in Midtown (at Bar Louie Memphis)

Little Joe Ayers live at the all-new Junior’s Juke Joint #2 (at Junior’s Juke Joint #2)

Shannon McNally live in Holly Springs @McNally (at Marshall County Courthouse)

Live music on the Square in Holly Springs (at Marshall County Courthouse)

Learn how to make money in the new music business with @gsbmusic @fortknoxlive @bigtah @MsNuNu @industryworks @selectohits @a3cfestival (at Select-O-Hits)

Orange Mound supports the Melrose Golden Wildcats (at Melrose Football Stadium)

It’s a beautiful night for football at Melrose Stadium in Orange Mound. Melrose vs. Whitehaven. (at Melrose Football Stadium)

Orange Mound, Tennessee (at Tha MOUND)